“Clean Coastal Living Inc. a local, Veteran, Family-owned company providing pressure washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning services in Glynn County, Georgia, since in 2013. Striving 100% customer satisfaction through integrity, honesty, professional client interaction, educational training, planning, and effective eco-cleaning methods. Coastal Living Inc. will match it or beat the price given!"


Understanding your pressure washing and soft wash needs is the most important objective we have as Cleaning professionals.  Taking the time aside before and after cleaning jobs for client feedback is why we are favored as the best pressure washing & soft wash providers in the SouthEast, United States.

Information and knowledge is the key to our success, we make sure our future client’s understand the cleaning process provided on their properties. All your questions will be answered during the your provided free estimate walkaround. 

 75% of our customers have been repeat customers!  Clean Coastal Living Inc. goes beyond just typically Pressure Washing and Soft Wash cleaning.  Our Branded Methods, Branded Soft Wash Pumps, custom-built Honda Pressure Washers, and variety of commercial solutions go beyond your imagination - with proven results lasting longer than traditional pressure washing companies.  

-CEO of Clean Coastal Living Inc.


Pressure Washing Service

Pressure Washing Services

A cleaning combination of custom-built Honda Pressure Washers and Whisper Wash Surface Cleaners clean driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks with uniformed cleaning results. (Capable of adjustable PSI (1000-6000 psi) and Temperatures (0-250 degrees Fahrenheit).


Soft Washing Services

Soft Wash Systems are designed to produce pressure to apply a cleaning solution to a mold infested or dirty surface on your home or business. Our go-to application for a safe solution for removing unwanted environmental stains and mold from your home's exterior.

soft wash roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Mold/ environmental organisms that cause roof stains can also shorten the life of your roof and cause expensive, premature replacement of roofs. We offer a soft wash method to effectively remove and restore your roof back to its original state.

Our method holds a 5-year mold free solution!

wood cleaning

Wood Cleaning

This method cleans and maintains your wood structures. Proper pressure cleaning and cleaning solutions to mold affected layers restores wood for long lasting life ahead.

irrigation stain removal

Rust | Iron | Calcium | Copper | Hard Water Stains Removal

Stains caused irrigation systems and oxidation can leave your exterior siding, stucco, driveways, and windows looking unattractive. Clean Coastal Living Inc. has multiple safe solutions to get those stains removed without ever harming the paint and surface underneath.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter and roof cleaning of debris 2-3 times a year are always recommended. This helps maintain your gutters and roof, prevent leaks, and also stops overflow into your gardens or landscaping.

property management | apartment complexes | hotels | HOA

HomeOwners Associations, Property Owners Associations, Property Management Companies

Exterior Cleaning for excellent living spaces and neighborhoods. Working with associations by cleaning their structures, providing neighborhood discounts, and assisting with properties that are out of compliance.